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Trade Copier

The Trade Copier is one of the special software in Forex trading and as the name proposes it duplicates the trade executed in the master account to several slave accounts.

The Trade Copier provides a large helping hand in supportive copying trades between various MT4 and MT5 trading platform using their terminal, manager API or server API, FIX API. The software can be stretched to support any broker system which represents an API.

Copy engines such as trade copier help in duplicating each and every exchange from the source, suggest cost and amount based controls, if necessary and pass on the trades to the separate supporters, that implies speed of trade position and slippages that depends exclusively on the inactivity to your specialist and the trade execution quality.

Key Features

  1. Master and slave accounts can belong to different brokers and use any of the supported mediums for trade execution.
  2. Supports various copy modes such as
    1. Balance
    2. Equity
    3. Fixed Lot
    4. Percentage
  3. Supports Partial closes at all the levels.
  4. Supports masters and slaves even if they don’t have access to manager or server.
  5. Manages to map of symbols across brokers.
  6. Permits reverse copy which is useful for risk management by market makers.
  7. Option to close all positions in case follower stops following a master.
  8. Comprehensive statistics for trades copied and their details.
  9. Supports A Book and B Book trades
Traders Room


  • Can be hosted at your server or we can host it
  • 24 * 7 Email support
  • Supports one demo and one live server


  • Supports multiple MT4 managers – Max 6
  • 24 * 7 Email support

User Manual

Stuck somewhere? Don’t worry! Our user manual has every single point explained in detail so that you do not have to look anywhere else apart from us.


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